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Universal City 210-375-3318
Pleasanton 830-569-FEET (3338)
Toll-Free: 855-972-9512
Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic


Laura C.

Laura C.

  • Patient Care Coordinator
  • Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic
  • 13525 Centerbrook Suite 104 Universal City, TX 78148
  • 210-375-3318

Laura is in charge of our patient experience from start to finish!  She handles patient phone calls and helps them with everything from making an appointment to answering insurance questions.  She is a wealth of information for our patients.  Any last-minute questions before you leave our office are handled with ease.  She and Marlene keep up-to-date with the many products we have available to help you with foot pain.  She coordinates ongoing care here at our office and schedules surgeries, MRI’s and other diagnostic testing outside of our office. 

Laura has been with us for 5 years. She is efficient and caring, and supremely patient.   If you have a question about your insurance benefits, referrals, or even your bill, Laura can get you the information you need! 


Q:  Laura, What is your favorite snack?

A:  Sunflower seeds


Q:  What is the single piece of technology that makes your life easier?

A:  I - Phone