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Our blog features the latest in podiatric news, common ailments, and important issues for those who deal with foot pain. Here, we take an honest look at the issues that matter most to you as you take the next step in reclaiming a pain-free life. Visit this page to learn more about the things that our office run—foot pain and effective treatments that kick foot pain to the curb!

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  • Ankle Pain At Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic we are able to provide tremendous relief of ankle pain and instability. Get help today. Call 210.375.3318.
  • Ways to Build Up Your Ankles Your ankle strength can be improved with the right exercises. Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, describes a few that build up weak ankles.
  • Know Your Pain: Ankle Sprain vs Fracture Ankle sprains and fractures can happen the same way, so they’re hard to tell apart. Dr. Darren Silvester in Universal City, TX, discusses their differences.