Common Questions Patients Ask Before Surgery at the Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic

Q: Can I take my medication the morning of my scheduled surgery?

A: Yes you can take your daily medications.


Q: What do I wear?

A: You may wear loose clothing since you may have a bulky dressing.


Q: Can I drive myself home or do I need someone to go with me?

A: Since one of the medication make you drowsy someone will need to drive you.


Q: Will I be asleep?

A: We prescribe our patients a medication to make them drowsy, so once the procedure starts you will be asleep.


Q: Do I take my antibiotic and pain medication the morning of surgery?

A: Yes, you will take all 3 prescriptions Dr. Silvester prescribed you the morning of surgery. One is an antibiotic, pain medication and sleeping pill. You will take these 1 hour prior to the surgery.


Q: Can I eat or drink something the morning of surgery?

A: Yes, you can have a small breakfast.


Q: How long will I be there?

A: This is all depending on the procedure but more than likely it will be around 2 hours.


Q: When can I change my dressings?

A: We will do your dressing changes, if you feel like your dressing is too tight or has bled through just give us a call and we will bring you in to have that changed.

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