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Our blog features the latest in podiatric news, common ailments, and important issues for those who deal with foot pain. Here, we take an honest look at the issues that matter most to you as you take the next step in reclaiming a pain-free life. Visit this page to learn more about the things that our office run—foot pain and effective treatments that kick foot pain to the curb!

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  • Condition of the Month: Flat Feet At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic, we are your one stop shop to solve your flat-footed problems.
  • Quick Test for Arch Type The wet test can help you quickly identify your arch type and determine if you need new shoes or inserts to eliminate foot pain, says Dr. Darren Silvester.
  • What Causes Flat Feet in Later Life Feet can go flat later in life for different reasons, including injury, illness, obesity, and aging. Dr. Silvester of Next Step Foot & Ankle explains.
  • How to Support Flat Feet Sometimes just having guidelines can make taking care of yourself much easier. Dr. Darren Silvester describes ways you can support your flat feet.
  • So You Have Flat Feet—Do You Need Orthotics? Orthotics are often beneficial for those with flat feet, though you’ll need an examination from Dr. Darren Silvester to know which treatment is best.
  • Orthotics for Foot Pain What can orthotics do for your feet? Many people ask this question. Dr. Darren Silvester in Universal City, TX, explains what orthotics are used for.
  • Treatment Options for Flat Feet Struggling with persistent, painful flat feet and wondering what could help? Dr. Darren Silvester in Pleasanton, TX, explains your treatment options.
  • Common Injuries in People with Flat Feet Flat feet can result in sore arches and burning ankles. Dr. Darren Silvester of Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic in Pleasanton, TX, discusses various causes.
  • How to Know if Your Child has Flat Feet Should you be concerned if your child has flat feet? Dr. Silvester of Pleasanton, Texas explains when to make an appointment.