How to Prevent Dry, Cracked Skin on Your Feet

What washes up on tiny beaches? Microwaves! Get it? Please hold your applause. Speaking of waves, have you had enough water today? If not, your skin is probably thirsty. We often ignore proper skin care until our skin is peeling, dry, and cracked. It’s important to stay proactive, though, especially when it comes to the state of your feet!

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. Don't leave it feeling like an arid desert. Instead, imagine more of a desert oasis, complete with lush palm trees and polka dot beach umbrellas! That’s what it will feel like if you follow these tips to prevent dry skin:

If your skin continues to feel dry, visit Dr. Darren Silvester at Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic here in Pleasanton, TX. Don't take for granted the great state of your skin. Even if your feet feel top-notch, dry skin can strike at any moment. If your skin is naturally dry or if you have a pre-existing skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis, you may require extra care. Call our office today by dialing (830) 569-3338 or request your appointment online. We'll now applaud YOU for taking the first steps to better health and great skin!


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