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Our blog features the latest in podiatric news, common ailments, and important issues for those who deal with foot pain. Here, we take an honest look at the issues that matter most to you as you take the next step in reclaiming a pain-free life. Visit this page to learn more about the things that our office run—foot pain and effective treatments that kick foot pain to the curb!

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  • Causes of Children's Ingrown Toenails Improper trimming, tight shoes, injury, and family history are common causes of ingrown toenails in children, says Dr. Darren Silvester of Universal City, TX.
  • Child's Flat Feet Most kids are flat-footed when they stand and walk, but don’t worry! This is completely normal, says Dr. Darren Silvester of Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic.
  • Can Your Rare Foot Condition Be Treated Rare foot problems do have treatment options. Dr. Darren Silvester discusses treatments for Kohler’s disease, Freiberg’s disease, and Maffucci syndrome.
  • Diagnosing Rare Foot Conditions When your foot pain is caused by a rare condition, diagnosing it can feel like looking for Bigfoot. Dr. Darren Silvester describes three rare issues.