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Happy Feet: What Former Patients Have to Say About Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic and Dr. Silvester

Nothing makes the Next Step Foot & Ankle team happier than a happy patient who has conquered his or her pain. Here, we share what some of our former patients have had to say about their experience with us, and how they are doing today.

We know that you may be overwhelmed and may even a little scared about seeking treatment for your pain. While we can tell you all about what we can do for you, we like to let our patients share their experience to help assure you that your are taking an important first step towards a pain-free life!

"I tell everyone that I come in contact with about my foot issues and how Dr. Silvester was the one out of the 3 doctors that I had been to that actually helped me. Of course I wear a huge boot so of course everyone wants to know what happened. I have given the office number to probably 10 or more people so far and the universal city office has only been opened for about 3 weeks so far. Love the staff and of course Dr Silvester. Thanks for caring so much."

D.D., Marion, TX

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