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This page hosts a variety of informative articles about common foot and ankle complaints, treatment options, and post-treatment advice. If you are looking for solutions for your pain, or are simply curious about what options are available to you, browse through our collection of commonly asked questions and helpful literature here.

At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic, we offer many treatments for Gout.

Purine Controlled Diet for Gout
This diet has been used in the past as part of the treatment of gout.

Toe Pain Treatment San Antonio Texas
Pain in the second toe usually has simple causes, but sometimes it’s serious. Dr. Darren Silvester in San Antonio, TX, describes rare Freiberg’s disease.

Toe Pain | San Antonio, TX
If you find that your big toe is not able to move, you may have a condition called Hallux Rigidus. Find out the symptoms, treatment options and more!

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