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Do children’s flat feet need treatment?

Children's feet hanging off ledgeA child’s flat feet only need treatment if the child is experiencing pain, discomfort, or difficulty walking and running due to the condition. If your child is free from painful symptoms, you should have nothing to worry about.

Young children especially often have no arches, or arches that disappear when the child is standing—a condition known as flexible flatfoot. It’s very normal—kids’ bones are still very soft and flexible at this stage; it may not be until age 6 or older when tissues finally tighten and become more rigid, forming a distinctive arch shape. Early fatigue, difficulty keeping up with other kids, and avoiding activity are all warning signs. Most kids rarely complain of pain—they just stop doing things that hurt.

However, if your child is having difficulty with foot pain, bring him or her in to see Dr. Darren SIlvester at Next Step Foot & Ankle. There may be an underlying condition that requires more attention. Request an appointment online, or call us at 855-972-9512 to see us in Pleasanton or Universal City, TX.