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How long should I warm up for to prevent sports injuries?

When people are getting ready to play a sport, many of them probably wonder, “How long I should warm up?” The exact time may vary depending on your specific sport and individual fitness level. If you’re already fit, you may not need a long warm-up period to prepare your limbs. The bare minimum should be five minutes of movement to activate your muscles, though longer is better. You should spend several minutes doing cardio movement—walking or jogging—to increase your heart rate. After that, you should spend time stretching and performing movements that work the main muscle groups and structures you’ll be using in your sport.

Make sure whatever you do for your warm-up, you include exercises for your feet. Activating your foot and ankle muscles before playing will allow your lower limbs to respond better in the game. If you’re not sure how to warm up your feet or you’re struggling with pain when you play sports, contact Dr. Darren Silvester here at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic. You can reach our Pleasanton, TX, office for more information or make an appointment by calling (830) 569-3338 and visiting the website contact page.