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What care is needed after ingrown toenail surgery?

Post Op Instructions:  Ingrown Toenail Surgery

First Day Care

clipping the big nailGo home and if possible, keep foot elevated for the first day.  Leave bandage on for 24 hours.  Do not remove dressing.  You may add additional gauze on top of the dressing if needed.


Second Day Care

Wash toe with Anti-bacterial soap and rinse well.  Blot dry.  Apply triple antibiotic cream (such as NeoSporin) to surgery site and apply sterile bandage.  Repeat twice daily until the wound is healed.  Do not let the toe dry out!  Keep covered and treat it until you see us again two weeks.


If you have questions, you can call our Universal City office at 210.375.3318 or Pleasanton office at 830.569.3338.