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What kinds of foot conditions are considered rare?

Rubber boots on a dirt trailRare foot conditions are any sort of disease, disorder, deformity, or even injury that only affects a few people. This range from cancer to forms of arthritis to unusual infections. Three specific rare foot disorders are Kohler’s disease, Maffucci syndrome, and Freiberg’s disease. All three involve damage or deterioration to the bones in the feet.

Kohler’s disease is an arch problem. Something limits the blood flow to a midfoot bone called the tarsal navicular bone, causing it to break down and start to crumble. This creates pain and swelling in the arch. Maffucci syndrome involves benign bone tumors growing near the ends of long bones in your feet. These can deform your lower limbs, impair joint function, and increase your fracture risk. Freiberg’s disease flattens the head of a metatarsal bone. This causes a forefoot ache that worsens with activity and stiffens the affected toe.

The sooner you seek a diagnosis for any of these conditions, the better it is for the affected feet. Let Dr. Darren and our team at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic help you diagnose and manage any rare foot disorders. Contact our Pleasanton, TX, office through our website or by calling (830) 569-3338.