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What are the most common running injuries?

Imagine being able to run for miles without any aches and pains—oh to dream! When it comes to identifying and treating running injuries, we've seen them all. Our bodies aren't perfect machines and they tend to break down when worked too hard.

From that tender toe to that tight hamstring, here are the most common running injuries seen in our office:

  1. Runner's knee accounts for about 40% of running pains. This irritation typically flares up after long runs and after extended periods of inactivity.
  2. Achilles tendonitis affects the calf muscle and back of the heel. When the leg experiences too much stress, the Achilles tendon tightens and becomes inflamed and painful.
  3. Shin splints occur when the small muscles around the shin bone begin to develop small tears. This injury is most common among new runners who begin adding miles to their runs too quickly.
  4. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the tendons in the bottom of the foot. This dull ache is most prominent in the morning and at the beginning of exercise. The pain worsens when your shoes don't provide proper arch support.

Injuries such as these should be addressed. Don't spend your time in limbo, fighting between running and resting. If you’re experiencing any of these aches and pains, contact Dr. Darren Silvester at Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic here in Pleasanton, TX. Call (830) 569-3338, or you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for more helpful information.