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What can I do at home to relieve bunion pain?

There are certain measures you can take for at-home relief for bunion pain. Use shoes with wide, deep toe boxes and low heels that limit pressure on the bony protrusion. Wear gel or moleskin pads around the bump to help cushion it and limit friction against the skin. Sometimes taping the toe or wearing a splint at night can help as well. Much of the pain related to bunions develops when the joint is irritated and inflamed. Ice the joint regularly to discourage swelling and reduce any inflammation.

For persistent bunion pain you may need more than just home remedies. Sometimes orthotics or injections of pain medications are necessary. Serious cases may require surgery. Contact Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic in Pleasanton, TX, for an appointment or more information about caring for your bunion. Call (830) 569-3338 or fill out the website contact form to reach us.