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Do I need surgery for flat feet?

Flatfoot reconstruction is a big procedure that’s usually reserved as a last resort for flat feet that are painful but don’t respond to conservative treatment methods. Noninvasive options are always tried first, usually for several months, before moving to surgery. Shoe changes, custom orthotics, physical therapy, and a few other methods are normal ways of caring for flat feet. Sometimes, however, these do not help you.

You might need surgery for flatfoot pain if your low arches cause significant discomfort that gets in the way of normal daily activities—and no other treatments have helped. If so, we can evaluate your feet and decide if you would benefit from surgery. Dr. Darren Silvester and our team at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic will use diagnostic images and other tests to determine the severity of your flatfoot problem, and then decide what procedure to use. If you’re struggling to deal with your flat feet, let us help you decide if surgery is right for you. Call (830) 569-3338 to make an appointment with our Pleasanton, TX, office.