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Why do the surgery at all for flat feet?

Fixing flat feet in kids creates a different child in many cases. The child becomes more active, enjoys being outdoors more, and likes to run and play instead of sit while playing most of the time. Childhood obesity is a serious problem in which flat feet play a significant role due to the fact that a high percentage of overweight kids have bad foot mechanics or flat feet. Some studies suggest the incidence of flat feet in obese children at early ages is over 50%. The question is, “Does the obesity cause the flat feet or did the flat feet (and associated inactivity) cause the obesity?” The answer is probably both. Flat feet later in life causes other body parts to hurt. Of course the feet, but the knees and back can also hurt as well.

Many cases of flat feet don’t require treatment, but if your child is 7 or 8 and is avoiding activity or is overweight, perform a wet foot print test. If you don’t see an arch or the arch is very small give us a call and get them checked. It can be a game changer!