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Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic

New! FitStation by HP| Foot Scanner for Gait, Balance, & Orthotics

Next Step Foot and Ankle Clinic provides the most technologically advanced orthotics available with the latest in foot scanning technology. 

Our “FitStation by HP” provides a 3-D laser scan of the foot accurate to within ½ a millimeter.  This is far more accurate than a cast mold.  Also the system involves a computer analysis of the pressure points and stress points during gait.   Balance, asymmetry, foot function, and overload can all be assessed thanks to this revolutionary new system.  This information is then fed into a computer and orthotics can be manufactured individually based on how the foot is actually working in gait…not just how it looks while being casted.  The information is fed to a 3 D printer providing the most accurate orthotics available.  


FitStation is available in our Universal City location only. Call to schedule your appointment today.  210.375.3318.

This allows us to provide much better care than was available before.  Orthotics work  for many foot conditions including heel pain, arch pain, fallen arches, ball of foot pain, tendon pain and many more.  If you have foot pain then it is likely orthotics will help you.  We provide the “NEXT STEP” in orthotic technology.