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The One-Two Punch to Knock-Out Foot Pain

The Most Advanced Technology
for Healing Foot Pain at the Cellular Level.

Shockwave Therapy and MLS Laser Therapy


Shockwave Treatment

Shockwave Therapy

  • Evidence Based
  • As Effective As Surgery
  • No Downtime
  • Repairs the Damage


MLS Laser

MLS Laser Therapy

  • Reduces Swelling
  • Improves Local Circulation
  • Timely Healing
  • Rapid Pain Relief
  • Swift Repair of Tissues



Why use both Shockwave and MLS Laser Therapy?

The concept of combining these two very effective, non-invasive therapies is based on what happens at the cellular level.  Shockwave Therapy basicially initiates microtrauma to the cells stimulating the release of growth factors causing the tissue to begin the healing process.  If this is followed  by MLS Laser Therapy this can cause a tremendous uptick in energy available for cells to repair themselves.  Using these two therapies in succession allows the tissues to heal themselves rapidly and definitively -- knocking out foot pain.


Shockwave   One Foot   6   $750   $450   40%
Shockwave   Two Feet   6   $1,500   $675   43%
MLS Laser   Per Foot   6   $360   $325   10%
Combo   One Foot   6   $1,110   $775   31%
Combo   Two Feet   6   $2,220   $1,225   45%


Shockwave and MLS Laser Therapy are NOT COVERED by insurance. They are an elective out-of-pocket cost. Some patients use their Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts (HSA) to cover this therapy.


If you have been struggling for months with foot pain and have tried some traditional, low-tech treatments like stretching, icing, arch supports, medications, or injections and are not getting better, give us a call.  Maybe you need a more modern approach to foot pain.  Give us a call at 210.375.3318 for our Universal City location or 830.569.3338 for our Pleasanton location.