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San Antonio Neuropathy Relief Center: What is Neuropathy?

We've seen many patients who have been told there's nothing that can be done about neuropathy symptoms. Don't give up hope! You CANNeuropathy Pain in Feet find relief, and help!

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a disease that most commonly affects the nerves of the foot and can cause numbness, pain, burning, loss of balance, and toe deformities. Neuropathy is the major contributing cause of ulcers and limb loss. Diabetic Neuropathy is nerve damage caused by diabetes. People who have diabetes often have high blood sugar levels. Over time, high blood sugar levels can damage nerves throughout your body.

How is it diagnosed?

We offer a comprehensive neuropathy exam complete with patient history, thorough neurological exam & diagnostic testing. Our nursing staff performs a series of non-invasive, painless tests. The latest in neuropathy testing is called a SudoScan Evaluation. The test is painless, takes about three minutes, and gives an accurate evaluation of the severity of nerve damage associated with neuropathy and other nerve conditions.

Diagnostic Ultrasound Evaluation may also be performed. The test is designed to asses the size of your nerves. Patients with neuropathy often have enlarged nerves.

What are possible treatment options?

We use the latest technology for treating neuropathy. Frequently, a combination of treatments are used to achieve success. Below are the options at the Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic.

Electrical Signal Therapy (EST) is a highly advanced treatment for Neuropathy. This treatment combines EST and ESI energy waves, and therapeutic local block injections. This therapy is giving many of our patients a great amount of relief from their Neuropathy symptoms, including numbness and pain.  Electrical Signal Therapy is covered by Medicare and most commercial insurances.  The therapy is subject to your insurance plan's copay, co-insurance and deductible.  

We are proud to be on the medical technological forefront by offering MLS Laser Therapy as a treatment for Neuropathy. This treatment uses wavelengths of light to treat painful and debilitating conditions. This treatment is given to our patients to help manage the pain from Neuropathy.  MLS Laser Therapy helps Neuropathy by releasing endorphins that reduce pain, reduces swelling, increases blood flow and stimulates repair and regrowth of nerve tissue.

Help your body heal itself, by giving your body the correct nutritional support.

Watch a Patient Video Testimonial:  Tingling and Numbness in Your Feet Making it Difficult to Sleep

In 2005, Dr. Darren Silvester trained at the Institute for Peripheral Nerve Surgery in an innovative surgical treatment for this potentially devastating disease. In a properly selected patient, feeling can be restored and the pain and burning resolved in approximately 85% of cases. Studies have shown that patients who have had this procedure have a significant reduction in pain, numbness, and incidence of ulcerations and amputations.

Annals of Plastic Surgery:  Changing the Natural History of Diabetic Neuropathy:  Incidence of Ulcer / Amputation in the Contralateral Limb of Patients With a Unilateral Nerve Decompression Procedure

What are possible complications from Neuropathy?

Foot Ulcers

Numbness from Neuropathy can also cause foot ulcers. The most common ulcer I see is on that is under a callus. If you have Neuropathy, you don't feel the callus build up and then the skin breaks down underneath. The callus keeps it covered and the patient does not even know they have a hole in their foot. Ulcers are treatable and even preventable once nerve function and feeling is restored.

Risk of Falling due to Balance Issues

Risk Assessment for Falls may be performed during your exam as this is the single most powerful tool we have in fall prevention. Patients with neuropathy are known to, over time, develop balance impairments, loss of sensation in their extremities and often decreased lower leg strength, all of which increases their risk for falls and fall-related injuries. A Balance Assistance Device is a great way to increase stability.

Fall Prevention Information

Listen to our podcastFree Nerve Pain Podcast

If you’ve ever experienced burning, tingling, and numbness in your feet and wondered why, you’ll appreciate Dr. Silvester’s FREE seminar, “Nerve Pain.” This 30 minute call topic addresses Neuropathy, the kinds of issues and problems that people have relative to the issues that are caused by nerve damage in their feet and their lower extremities. It’s an excellent resource, and you can download it for free. Listen Now!

Looking for a Nerve Pain Expert but don't live in San Antonio?

Dr. Silvester received his nerve training from the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons.  To find a nerve pain expert in your local area, with at least 2 years of experience and has completed specialty training from the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons...click the logo below to use the Find A Doctor tool.  



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Dr. Silvester has been practicing podiatry for more than 25 years. He is a Fellow of the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons, and Diplomat of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, Member of Extremity Nerve Surgeons. To schedule your comprehensive Neuropathy Exam with Dr. Silvester, please call 855-972-9512.

Treating Neuropathy