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Custom Orthotics

custom orthotics

Orthotics, or custom insoles come in many shapes and sizes. They can be used as a preventive measure or help relieve pain or discomfort associated with an injury or congenital abnormality. At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic, we carry a complete line of medical grade arch supports.  Drop by anytime between 9 am and 4 pm to check them out. 

Custom orthotics, also known as custom insoles or arch supports, are specifically made to conform to your foot, thereby helping correct issues within the structure of your feet, ankles, and legs.  Please check with your insurance carrier to ensure custom orthotics are a covered benefit.  Custom orthotics are not a covered benefit by Medicare.

While custom orthotics can help correct and prevent many of your foot and ankle ailments, research shows that some of the more effective uses of orthotics are to prevent and treat plantar fasciitis and stress fractures of the tibia (shin bone).

At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic, our San Antonio podiatrist may suggest that you get custom orthotics to:

Ensuring That You Get the Right Orthotics

There are many types of orthotics. If you’re dealing with a problem such as fallen arches, there are multiple types of orthotics that could work for you. Only an experienced podiatrist and foot doctors well-trained in best use orthotic practices can help you get the correct orthotics for your problem.  

3D Printed Custom Orthotics Offer Precision and Comfort

As part of our commitment to innovation, our clinic offers FitStation powered by HP, which combines 3D foot scanning with dynamic gait analysis to enable both orthotic recommendations and 3D printed custom orthotics.  The podiatrists at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic will analyze your findings and prescribe a 3D printed custom orthotic just for you.  

The lattice-design of the 3D printed custom orthotic is superior in every way because they are lightweight and comfortable while helping to correct the biomechanical problems that lead to pain and discomfort.

  • A 3D printed custom orthotic allows the podiatrist to design a device that has more precision and comfort than ever before.  
  • For areas of your foot where more biomechanical control is needed, the 3D printer fills the lattice-spaces without making the orthotic thicker and heavier.
  • Other segments of the foot may require more, or less, support and flexibility.  3D printing can achieve all of this through more or less filling of the lattice-framework without the bulkiness or other custom orthotics.
  • Our 3D printed orthotics are thin and lightweight so they will fit in most of your footwear.  
  • By wearing your 3D printed custom orthotic as prescribed, you will be pain free faster.

Custom Orthotics

About 3D Printing

3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, is known to be very precise, and therefore, more reliable than error-prone manual manufacturing, which has dominated the custom orthotic industry since 1950s.  Unfortunately, 3D printing custom orthotics has not been an option due to slow printing speeds and materials that lacked accuracy, durability and comfort.

Just like you, your feet are unique. No two people have the same feet, and therefore no two people should use the same orthotic. At Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic, we have the expertise to correctly diagnose your foot problem and ensure that your orthotic is right for you. Our San Antonio podiatrist delivers high-quality custom care to all of our patients, and we pride ourselves on our dedication to individualized patient care. We partner with you to determine the best possible treatment options for your unique feet, condition, and situation.

To meet with a San Antonio foot doctor with the skills needed to create an effective, comfortable orthotic for you or your child, make an appointment today. When you meet with a San Antonio Podiatrist at any of our San Antonio area offices — Universal City or Pleasanton — you will be thoroughly evaluated by an experienced, compassionate podiatrist. To see what a difference the right San Antonio foot doctor makes, call 210.375.3318 today. We offer $25 Savings Certificate you can use at your first appointment.