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Vionic Shoes

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Vionic Shoes with
ORTHAHEEL Technology

Support you can feel, style you can see.  Orthaheel technology built into every shoe in the collection of Vionic shoes.  Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic carries a complete array of Vionic shoes.  Stop by anytime between 9 am and 4 pm to try a pair on today.

Did you know at Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic, we have Vionic Gift Certificates available?  You can purchase a gift certificate right here in our office, give it to your loved one or best friend to use at any of our Next Step Foot & Ankle Clinic locations for the purchase of Vionic Shoes. 


Vionic Shoe Selection

NEW! Bella: Tortoise (Size 6,7,8,9) NEW! Serena: Black (6,6.5,7,7.5,8,8.5,9)  
NEW! Dorie: Gold Cork (Size 7,8,9) NEW! Samoa: Navy (Size 7,8,9)  
NEW! Samoa: Black (Size 7,8,9) NEW! Pippa: Rose Gold (6,7,8,9)  
Agile Fyn: Black Agile Fyn: Cobalt  
Agile Fyn:  Black (Size 7) Agile Fyn:  Cobalt (Size 7)
Mens Walker: White/Navy Tiders: Dark Brown
Mens Walker:  White  (Size 10) Satima Teal (Size 7)
Aruba Bronze TideSQ: Bronze  
Aruba Bronze (Size 11) Tide Sport:  Navy (Size 9,10)  
Eve Toe Post Bronze Metallic Tide Sequins Gold  
Eve Toe Post Bronze Metallic (Size 9,10) Tide Sequins Gold (Size 11)
TideSQ: Bronze Tiders: Dark Brown  
TideSQ: Bronze (Size 6,11) Tiders: Dark Brown  (Size 7,9)  
Eve Toe Post Bronze Metallic Rest Floriana: Gold Cork  
Valerie:  Sand (Size 7,8,10) Valeri:  Coral (Size 7,8,9)  
Amber Gold Cork Pearl: Bronze  
Amber:  Gold Cork (Size 7) Pearl:  Bronze (Size 9)  
Nala - Black Dorie  
Nala:  Black (Size 8) Dorie:  Black (Size 7,8,9)  
Aruba Black Agile Kea: Navy  
Aruba Black (Size 6) Beach Noosa:  Blue (10/10.5)  
Mens Walker: White/Navy Mens Walker: White/Navy  
High Tide:  Tan Leopard (Size 6,10) High Tide:  Black (size 10)  
Pacific Bolinas Fresh Riley  
Pacific Bolinas (Size 8) Fresh Riley (Size 8)  
Relax Tan Leopard Slippers  
Relax Tan Leopard Slippers (Size 7) NEW! Tide II Gold Cork (6,7,8,9,10)  
Tide II Black Tide II Pewter  
Tide II Black (7,9) Tide II Pewter (8,9)  

Inventory Sizes Updated October 20, 2017

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