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After the surgery my foot was much more sensitive.

In early December 2005 I saw an article in the newspaper regarding a new procedure to treat neuropathy of the feet. Since I had experienced that syndrome for about 18 months I called a referenced phone number to investigate. That inquiry led me to Dr. Darren Silvester. My problem was brought on by diabetes which had been brought under control by diet alone. Dr. Silvester tested my feet for sensation sensitivity and determined that I would be a suitable candidate for this operative procedure. In mid December he performed the procedure on my right foot and lower leg with good success. Prior to the surgery I had minimal sensitivity in my foot. After the surgery my foot was much more sensitive. I intend to have the left foot and leg surgically corrected in late February. It has taken six weeks for me to be able to return to my routine exercise of walking three miles or riding my exercise bike six miles each day. I anticipate full recovery by April. I would be happy to answer any questions regarding my experience with this procedure.

OA, JR - San Antonio, Texas