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Nerve Decompression Surgery Reversed Diabetic Neuropathy

Amazing care!!! I have been suffering from diabetic neuropathy for a very long time and have tried every shoe under the sun. I even tried all kinds of insoles including spending (over $1,000 at The Good Foot Store) which did work for a couple of weeks, but were just a quick fix. I came to Dr Silvester a couple of months ago and he found the root of the problem right away within two visits and gave me hope that I could walk and do more without the pain with surgery. I signed up right away and his amazing staff was able to get me in the very next day to operate on my right leg and foot. Because of the severe pain I was in, this was music to my ears..Needless to say I saw him today and we are now scheduling to operate on my left leg and foot. I can't thank Dr.Silvester and the friendly, smiling faces that fill his office enough. I can honestly say I believe I will have a better quality of life because of them all :)V.R.