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Patient Testimonial: Pain Free After Nerve Decompression Surgery

Hello this is Dr.Bills with Next Step Foot & Ankle.  I would like to introduce you to Tara here. She's gonna give us a little story about why she came to see us and the results of some of the treatment that we have given her.  


Tara: I came to see Dr. Bills because I have had foot pain for about a year and a half.  I had seen multiple doctors and nobody could help me, tried pills, creams, braces, things like that. Nothing was working at all.  I was just at wits end.  I went on the internet, I looked at Dr. Silvester and Dr. Bills...saw some videos and said these are the docs for me.  


So my first treatment I came in saw Dr. Bills, he listened to everything I had to say didn't think that I was crazy or was making up these pains.  And really helped me out, gave me some injections that kinda helped a little bit.  We went through surgery because that was the treatment for me.  Zero pain after surgery.  I mean it was just amazing.  I had some ibuprofen, some other medications and it was 100% better.  I couldn't sleep before and now I'm sleeping through the night without any pains.  It's life changing absolutely life changing.


Bills: How long again have you been having this pain?


Tara: A year and a half I had the pain with no relief.  I tried everything and started getting really severe, started getting nerve numbness through out the foot and the pain was just too much and I almost changed careers because of it.


Bills:  Again what type of work are you doing?


Tara:  I am an R.N. I'm a registered nurse, I'm a floor nurse I work in a hospital 12 hours a day 3 - 4 days a week.  So its high pressure job it's a lot of walking a lot of movement.  Its my life.  


Bills: Yea she told me shes gonna start applying for a desk job.  


Tara:  Which would just be tragic for me because I just love bedside patient work and things like that but yea.  I mean if it wasn't for you guys there wasn't a way to continue my career the way I am now.


Bills:  So coming back to the surgery, how long was your recover after the surgery.


Tara:  My recovery was three weeks because there was a boot after the boot then I had to stand then I had to walk and things like that.  After I got out of the boot, I was back to normal.  I could walk.  As I was going there's going to be a little bit of pain as your going to recover because your muscles get tired.  But full recovery-- 4 weeks.  And I was back to normal, back to working my regular job, everything was great.


Bills:  Again we just appreciate you putting your trust in us. Thank you for sharing your story with us. 


Tara:  I would recommend you guys to anybody... absolutely amazing... life changers.  Thank you.